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Different Cool Styles of Eyeglasses, Only on

Different Cool Styles of Eyeglasses, Only on

There was once a time when wearing eyeglasses was considered a taboo. It was seen as nerdy and uncool. But over the years, this ‘uncool’ piece of accessory evolved into one of the most stylish pieces of accessory for the face. In fact, people started wearing it only for style and not its functional purpose. Fashion, as they say, keeps changing. Is there any other better alternative than eyeglasses to prove it? We guess not!

Now just like any other piece of fashion accessory, every kind of eyeglass does not suit every face. To compliment your face type, you need to select the right pair of spectacles that accentuates your personality. Thus, a round-shaped face should never go for a round-shaped eyeglass. Instead, they should wear a rectangular-shaped one. On the other hand, a small petite face can wear a cool pair of round frames. Too big or too small frames should never be selected. Yes, they might in vogue but always remember, classics rule.

Buying Eyeglasses Online

It is said no matter what, one should always buy eyeglasses only after trying them on. But in today’s busy lifestyle, when there is such a paucity of time, people hardly go out shopping. Here comes the online shopping frenzy. is the only portal that allows you to try on the selected pair in a very interesting way. For that, you need to log in and check for yourself. Here’s presenting some of the coolest styles available on

Half Rim Beauties

Half Rim Eyeglasses

The Bloom PE-8036 Yellow Golden Eyeglasses is a perfect half rim pair that has a sophisticated elegance. Wear it to all parties, be it a wedding or a get-together, and be the center of attention. On the other hand, if you are more of a bold nature and are not afraid to care to wear loud colors, the Mara Boss MB-009 Maroon C5 spectacles should be your pick. The maroon half rim and red handles add vibrancy to your personality. The Bloom PE-8027 Maroon Pink eyeglass is a very modern piece of eyewear. Gracefully elegant, its sleek design is suitable for both men and women.

Full Rim Glasses

Full rim oakley eyeglasses

For people who like a little sturdiness, the full rim glasses are obviously their pick. The Rayban RX6177 2502 Gunmetal size 52 eyeglasses is an aristocratic pair that will suit every occasion and every face type. The Vincent Chase M-1005 Tortoise Wayfarer style of eyeglasses is an arty kind of glasses that would look best on anybody who likes to have a style statement of their own. The full rim Feelgood M-102 Black Coffee Red eyeglass is a rectangular shaped pair that is cool and functional. Wear it with a panache and impress all.

The Rimless Ones

rimless eyeglasses

Half rim, full rim or rimless? Yes, rimless spectacles are also as popular as the other two styles. A range of styles are available on Some of the most popular and stylish pairs are the Da Vinci 10021 Brown eyeglass, the Vision Pro 1203 Brown White eyeglass and the Vision Pro D8001 Red eyeglass amongst the others. Trendy colors, and comfortable to wear, these pairs should be a part of every stylish person’s eyeglass wardrobe.

So, when are you going to order your favorite pairs from And remember, to try them on before buying.

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