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Style and Comfort, Maui Jim Promises Both

Style and Comfort, Maui Jim Promises Both

Way back in history, in the heavenly Hawaii Islands of the United States of America, the seeds of one of the most stylish sunglass brands were sown. From the islands, it moved to the main lands, then to other parts of the continent, to all over the world including India. And now, it is easily available on India’s most loved online portal The brand that we are talking about is Maui Jim.

Maui Jim sunglasses are luxurious no doubt. But this does not mean that they cannot be worn daily. In fact, Maui Jim sunglasses are known for using polarized lens on their products. Truly priceless is a pair of Maui Jim sunglass. Sport them while going to work, or sport them while attending a polo match, Maui Jim will never let you down. Stylish and sporty, sporting a Maui Jim will not only add the spunk to your style quotient but also add character to your personality.

Maui Jim’s USP

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What sets apart Maui Jim from the other sunglass brands is their continued dedication to promote style with substance. Yes, it is true that most sunglasses come with UV-protection. But Maui Jim takes care to produce each creation of theirs with utmost care. Not only are all the pieces UV-protected but also polarized. Thus, your precious eyes are saved from the harmful ultra-violet rays emanated from the sun. Only after a thorough examination are the sunglasses approved to be sold to their loyal clientele the world over. The polarized lenses not only act as a shield for your eyes but they also help in enhancing the colours that you see through the glasses.

Style Not Compromised

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Let your worry-meter be at bay when it comes to style and panache. There is absolutely no compromise on the style factor. Their amazing collections, season after season, are designed to appeal to all suave gentlemen and gorgeous ladies. Be it the men’s section or the women’s section, Maui Jim will floor you with their amazing collections. They also stock the most elaborate unisex sunglasses that can be shared by both you and your partner.

While the design team puts in their effort to put together a new collection every season, some classics never go out of fashion. One of the most classic pieces of Maui Jim is the Maui Jim Sugar Beach H421-26 Black Brown Unisex Sunglasses. This rimless aviator style pair suits every shape of face without a glitch. Another popular style is the Maui Jim Sandy Beach 408-02 Black Grey Men’s Sunglasses. This pair is apt for the hard-working man. With its scratch-proof, water-proof and other salient features, it is quite a pick. The Maui Jim Punchbowl R219-01 Black Purple Women’s Sunglasses is for the woman who knows what style is. Its broad rim, rectangular shape and purple color, along with the other features makesit a heirloom buy.

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Shop Online

When such amazing sunglasses can be easily bought online, why waste even a single minute? Just log onto, spend as much time you want to select your favorite pieces, and book the ones that you most like. And in a span of just 3-7 days, a carefully-handled parcel will reach your doorstep.

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