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Spice Up your Looks with Coloured Contact Lenses

Spice Up your Looks with Coloured Contact Lenses

What do you think is the latest fashion accessory this season? A new pair of sturdy shoes? Chunky jewellery? Statement belts? You guessed it wrong! The current fad of the spring summer 2013 are the coloured contact lenses. You must be even bugged using your boring, old spectacles. It’s time to try a fresh new look by switching over to contact lenses.

A tremendous variety of coloured contact lenses are available online and in markets as well. You can buy coloured contact lenses online on sites like, and instantly get a new look. Just like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did in the Twilight series.

Colour Tinted Lenses

kristen stewart wear color contact lens

These are the tints which you can pick up to suit your purpose:

  • Handling Tint: These lenses require a little extra care while inserting them. They do not add any tint to the eyes, which means they are transparent in colour and will reflect your natural eye colour even if you wear them. They can be worn in case you want to replace your specs to get a smarter look.
  • Visibility tint: It is a light blue or light green tint added to the lenses. The tint is for your convenience because in case you drop the lens you can find it easily. Even this does not impart any colour to your eyes.
  • Enhancement tint: As the name implies, this tint enhances the natural colour of the eyes but does not change it completely. It is a translucent tint and is recommended for light coloured eyes.
  • Opaque tint: It changes the natural colour of the eyes completely. This tint will suit you in case you have dark eyes.

Correct the eye defects in a cooler way:

blue contact lens

  • Prescription colour contact lenses are available in the market to correct your Myopia (nearsightedness), Hypermetropia (farsightedness) and Astigmatism defects.
  • Plano colour contact lenses are used for cosmetic purposes. They enhance your looks by imparting your favorite tint to the eyes.

Coloured contact lenses cost you a little more than the regular contact lenses. But for people who want to highlight their personality by changing the eye colour, the cost is worth it.

Style Up with Colours

If you really want to pep up your look, then contact lenses are a gift of the fashion to you. But keep in mind your hair colour and skin tone while you opt for your pair of coloured contact lenses.

  • People with olive or beige coloured skin can opt for colours like grays, dark blues and even green.
  • If you bear a lighter skin tone then, green, hazel, and even dark brown coloured contact lenses can impart uniqueness to your eyes.
  • In case you have a dark complexion then go for dark brown, black, reddish browns, hazel, blue, honey-colored, or opaque brown lenses. These colours will compliment your skin tone really well.

colour contact lenses online in India

Personality Traits

It is fun to know that the eye colour also reflects your personality:

  • People with brown eyes are considered to be intelligent, trustworthy and kind.
  • Those who bear blue eyes are sweet, sexy, creative and kind.

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