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Double-action with mirror sunglasses

Whether you’re a celebrity looking for anonymity or a young fashionista who wishes to stand out, mirror sunglasses can do the trick for you. Earlier worn by celebrities to avoid public glare, mirror shades have come back to the fashion scene with a bang, and from college kids to ultra-glam celebs, all have been spotted sporting this trendy accessory.

Mirror sunglasses are the biggest fashion trend this summer. They not only provide enhanced protection to your precious eyes, but also add oodles of style and confidence to your look.

Glare no more

It’s not just a style statement that makes mirrored shades a must-have. They are particularly effective when it comes to protecting one’s eyes from bright sun light. Mirror coating reflects the light away from the wearer, hence reducing strain on the eyes.

With a reflective optical coating, these sunglasses reduce the amount of light passing through the tinted lenses and reduces glare while retaining contrast. A pair of mirror sunglasses keeps one comfortable in sand, snow, water and high altitudes.  Combined with a tint, mirror sunglasses can be a great alternative for polarized lenses.

Mirror coating acts as a one way mirror, which prevents people making eye contact with the wearer. Maybe that’s why these stylish shades became highly popular with police officers in the US, and thus earning the nickname ‘cop shades’.

Reflect chic

Daniel Craig pairs them with his casual attire, while Brad Pitt sports them with a suit. Chic reflective sunglasses are a must-have in every fashion-conscious man and woman’s repertoire. Featuring reflective lenses and super cool frame shapes in a motley of colours, mirrored sunglasses are a sure shot way to infuse any outfit with a pop of color and ultramodern vibe.

From affordable brands to fancy designer ones, you can find a pair of glamorous mirror shades just meant for you. Ray-Ban’s iconic Aviators and Wayfarers with a mirror coating remain a favourite with most, while the quirky round and the feline Cat-eye have their own fan following.

Paired with slick formals or trendy casuals, one can’t go wrong with a modish pair of mirror sunglasses. Available in a range of lens tints from girlish pink to classy gold to funky yellow  and many more, mirrored sunglasses are sure to up your glam quotient.

Available in the most popular and stylish frame shapes and styles with eye-catching colours and details, mirror sunglasses give the wearer an instant makeover, while keeping the eyes well-protected. Join the array of glamorous celebrities worldwide this summer as you sport a pair of mirror sunglasses.

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