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A styling guide for the be-spectacled

The market is flooded with different styles of spectacles. Since wearing spectacles is no longer seen as a style taboo, brands have a wide range of collection, from which a customer can choose his or her favorite pair. But before you go onto selecting your favorite pair of spectacles, it is best to understand your face shape. Every funky design may not complement your face shape. Find out more here.

Kinds of face shape

Generally, face shapes can be classified into 4 – 5 different categories. These are:

(a)    Square-shaped

(b)   Rectangular-shaped

(c)    Round-shape

(d)   Oval-shaped

(e)   Triangular-shaped

Spectacles for square-shaped faces

Square faces are characterized by a square jaw line, which means to say that the width of the face is equal to its length. People with square faces should opt for curved frames. Round frames, oval frames and cat eye frames look the best on them. If you wish to wear a rectangular frame, go with the one which has softer edges.

Spectacles for rectangular-shaped faces

Rectangular faces are the ones which are long. This face shape will feature a long forehead, high cheekbones and a rounded jaw line. People with rectangular faces should go for frames with wider lens coverage. This gives the illusion of extra face width and helps balance the face. You should always avoid smaller, rectangular frames.

Spectacles for round-shaped faces

Round faces have a round jaw line as well as rounded cheekbones. People with round-shaped faces should pick angular frames with strong lines. It takes away the attention from their cheekbones and jaw line. You should never go for small frames or round frames, as they will accentuate the roundness of your face.

Spectacles for oval-shaped faces

People with oval-shaped faces should consider themselves lucky as it is considered to be the perfect shape. With the face resembling the shape of an egg, you will be able to carry off most styles. Both rectangular and round frames suit you fine. Just be careful in choosing the correct size. You can be as adventurous as you please with different kinds of frame styles.

Spectacles for triangular-shaped faces

Triangular-shaped faces, also known as heart-shaped faces, are characterized by a wide forehead and cheekbones tapered to a small chin. To balance your facial features, you can go for square or rectangular shaped frames. Avoid frames that are wider at the top than the bottom. For instance, cat eye frames are a complete no-no for you.

Now, since you know as to which frames suit you the best, go ahead and buy a pair of stylish spectacles from any of the online retailers. Happy eyewear shopping!

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