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Why should you own a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses

Like one must see the Eiffel Tower once in a lifetime, it is a must to own a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses once in your life! There may be numerous fancy designer brands of sunglasses doing the rounds, but none has reached the iconic status enjoyed by Ray-Ban for decades.

Every proud owner of a pair of Ray-Bans vouches for the cool looks and exceptional quality of these sunnies. But it’s worth finding out what makes them a must-have for everyone.

A piece of history

The popularity of Ray Ban sunglasses is unparalleled. No other brand of sunglasses has a rich history like Ray-Bans. Born in the 1930s to protect American aviators’ from the glare of the sun, the brand managed to capture the imagination of one and all, and continues to do so.  When you sport a pair of Ray-Ban shades, you are carrying a fascinating piece of history with you.

Celeb quotient

From Generals to movie stars and rock stars to Presidents, there is not a single category of people who have not worn Ray-Ban sunglasses. After protecting and wooing American pilots, stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses captured the attention of the man on the street with the introduction of the Wayfarer, which were immortalised on screen by James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Seen on Hollywood and Bollywood trend setters, these sunglasses have the quality of instantly uplifting your look from ordinary to classy. Nicholas Sarkozy wears them and so does Barack Obama, Deepika Padukone flaunts them and so does Jennifer Anniston.

Eternal style

Invest in a pair of the refined and exquisite Ray-Ban sunglasses, if you value timeless style and wish to exude confidence, power and style for years to come. Whether it’s a casual day out or you’re rushing for a meeting, you would always look your best with ageless Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Versatile style

From Aviators to Wayfarers and from Jack Ohh to Club masters, Ray-Ban sunglasses have established themselves as timeless in the history of sunglasses. Aviators and Wayfarers are such styles which complement most face shapes and go with all kinds of attires. Now available in a range of colours and effects, Ray-Ban sunglasses are available for men and women across age groups. Whether you like your accessories simple or you like a little sophistication, Ray-Ban sunglasses will do it for you.

Matters of quality

If you value quality along with style, you must own a pair of classic and sturdy Ray-Ban shades. Crafted in the finest materials like tough and reliable stainless steel, flexible and hypoallergenic acetate, and even solid 18k gold, these super shades fit you perfectly and give you a luxurious feel and a modish look. Ray-Ban’s sunglasses come with UV 400 technology and impact-resistant lenses, thus ensuring that your eyes get optimum protection from the harsh sun.

There is no dearth of reasons why one should invest in a pair of classic and trendy sunglasses from Ray-Ban. So what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair of your favourite Ray-Ban shades and flaunt a dapper look on the roads.

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