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Eyeglasses Frame Shape and Style

Eyeglasses don’t look boring anymore. The different colours, shapes and designs have redefined their style. People consider wearing eyeglasses not just because they have vision problems, but also because eyeglasses have become a popular fashion accessory. They are aesthetically designed these days which make them wearable at any occasion and add to your confidence. Numerous designer collections just make them a more sought after accessory. Celebrities are seen sporting them at many events which adds a unique glamour to their looks.

Frame Styles

The frame styles in eyeglasses can be of three types: full rim, half rim and rimless. Full rim Eyeglasses are the most commonly used eyeglasses but semi-rim and rimless styles have also become popular.

Full Rim Eyeglasses:

Full Rim Eyeglasses FramesIn Full rim eyeglasses, the lenses are completely encircled in the frame. They are also called “hide-a-bevel” eyeglasses. The thinnest of the prescription lenses can be tightly secured within the frame. They avoid the edges of the lenses from being exposed, keeping them and your eyes safe.

Half-Rim Eyeglasses

Half Rim EyeglassesThe frame covers only half of the lenses with nylon strings running along the bottom to hold the lenses in place. A little thicker lenses are required so that a slit can be made for the frames to get attached to them. Thicker lenses also prevent them from cracking. Overall, they are light in weight.

Rimless EyeglassesRimless Eyeglasses

In rimless eyeglasses, the lenses are not bordered by a frame. The nose-bridge and the temples hold the lenses together. Since there is no frame covering the lenses, such eyeglasses might be a little less durable. Therefore, strong polycarbonate lenses are a good choice for such eyeglasses. They are very light in weight, simple and give you an understated and versatile look.

Frame Shapes that can be Chosen According to Your Face Shape

There are different frame shapes that you can choose to look better. Frame shapes can be oval, round, rectangle, square and aviator. You can check which style suits you and buy the perfect pair of eyeglasses. It is important that you buy a frame which is in contrast with your face shape and whose size matches your face size.

The facial features of a person having an oval face are proportionately balanced. Most of the frame shapes work well with an oval face, this opens all doors of experimentation. You can try square, rectangular and geometric shapes, except extreme geometric shapes and frames that are too large according to your features.

A person with a round face has fuller cheeks, rounded chin and a curved forehead. The width and length of the face are in equal proportions without any angles. You can try angular and geometric frame shapes which sharpen your features. Rectangular frame shapes make your face appear longer and thinner.

Oblong face shapes are longer than they are wide. The facial features can be described by a long nose and a straight cheek line. They face shape is generally angular and narrow. Try frames which are more deep than wide with contrasting temples to add width to your face. A low nose bridge will make your nose look shorter. Avoid small out of proportion frames and short frames.

Strong jaw-line, broad forehead and a square chin are features which characterize a square face. The face is angular with proportional length and width. Oval, round and butterfly shaped frames can be tried upon. Busy geometric frames and square frames should be avoided.

Angular features with big cheekbones with a small forehead and chin, describe a diamond face shape. This face shape is narrow at the eye line and jaw line. Rimless styles enhance your cheek bones and oval frames maintain a balance. Cat eye styles will also suit such a face type. Narrow frames should be avoided.

A heart face shape has a broad forehead with wide cheek bones and a small chin. You can try narrow and round frames to soften your area around the forehead. Bottom heavy frames with low set temples add width to the lower portion of your face can also be worn. Avoid top heavy styles and decorated temples.

Your face shape can also be in the shape of a triangle. If you have a narrow forehead and eye line that widen at the cheeks and chin, you have a triangle face shape. Semi-rimless and top heavy styles can be worn to accentuate your upper side of the face and add balance. Low set temples and narrow frames should be avoided as they will widen your jaw line and make your face look out of proportion.

By keeping these simple points in mind you can easily choose the frames which suit you. Knowing the frame shapes and styles will narrow down your effort in choosing the correct frame. Thus, you can enhance the way you look by keeping it simple yet stylish.

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