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Style it Up with Sunglasses


Aviator Sunglasses StyleMetal or an acetate frame and a tear drop shape, if you see it then you know that its an aviator. Aviators have a timeless and diverse style since its origination from the wardrobe of the US fighter pilots. It was sported by the all time famous star, Tom Cruise, in the 1986 blockbuster, Top Gun. Aviators have a lightweight frame and come in a variety of lenses, including mirrored, tinted and polarized. It has been a continuous favourite with celebs. Get the rock n roll vibe with classically iconic aviators. Cities are a place where fashion never sleeps. If you’re thinking chic, if you’re thinking sleek then you’d be right if you pick aviators. Sunglasses multi-task too, with comfort, fashion and durability rolled into one.





Wayfarer Sunglasses StyleThese fash-packed sunglasses totally smash the global market. The retro shape is a hit among both sexes. You can have a variety of colours and prints in wayfarers. Made iconic in the 80s, the wayfarer has a timeless appeal with an ultimate essence of its own.


The butterfly style is a contemporary version of the Oversized frame, favoured by the seemingly paparazzi-shy celebs. It has the ability to add immediate glamour to your look with its ultra feminine shape and directional design. Expanding out to the sides of the face, its shape widens narrow and long faces and is guaranteed to make a style statement.


Rimless sunglasses or eyeglasses do not have a frame attached to the lenses. Rimless shapes are used with gradient, coloured and polarized lenses. There is a varied collection available in rimless sunglasses and eyeglasses. They are subtly designed and are ideal for various activities.

Cat Eyes

Cat Eye sunglasses have a sophisticated and lady-like feline shape to the frame. The majority of cat-eye frames are made of plastic. This iconic style fuses old school glamour with a modern day twist. They come in a wide range of primary brights as well as neutral colours. It is the best amalgamation of a retro style with best visual clarity and sun protection.


The most sought after sunglasses by athletes are Wrap-around sunglasses. It provides high UV protection and the frame fits perfectly so that your only focus is the game you are playing. Tough, rugged and exciting, that is how you like your adventures and want your sunglasses to match that criteria. But whether it’s for the road less travelled or the dynamic spirit of adventure you need the right sunglasses. From the highest peak, to the foot of the mountain, you want sunglasses that can stand the test of time. Wrap-around sunglasses are the best choice for you. They have tough frames and tougher lenses.
Other frames that you can try out are oval, round, rectangular and square. Get those sunglasses which compliment you best and make your own style statement.

Know Which one Suits You best

A square face means you have a strong jaw line with wide cheek bones. Overall, you have strong features. With such a face type, you could try aviators, oversized and curvy sunglasses. Cream, neutral, warm and rosy tones will soften and frame your face. Delicate features can be enhanced with small and medium sized sunglasses. Metal framework and dark lenses go well for a masculine approach. Don’t divert your attention from your face by wearing sunglasses with work on the outer edges. Rectangular frames are a unisex option while butterfly frames will look glamourous and feminine.

If you have a defined pointed chin with wide cheek bones and forehead, you have a heart/diamond face. Rectangular and cat-eyed sunglasses will balance your face. Wrap around and wayfarers are a classic choice. Soft and gradient lenses will do all the magic if paired with an oversized frame.

For an oblong face, the best would be to opt for round and square frames. Tear drop frames will accentuate your features.

A round face tends to have very soft features. You should avoid round frames and wear ones which are angular.

Consider yourself lucky if you have an oval face. Any frame would suit you and you can go wild experimenting with them. Heavily detailed arm look great but make sure you don’t go for something too small or extremely large according to your face size.

Coming to hair colour and styles, if you are a blonde, you can contrast with black metal frames. Tortoiseshell and white will compliment a feminine look and if you have a darker skin tone, you can create a contrast with bright colours and prints.

Those who don an afro look can get the best of style with large frames. Gradient lenses and strong graphics will make you ready for the day.

For a strong and snappy bob style, glossy and oversized sunglasses will look best. Wayfarers will say all about your style.

Rich and regal or vibrant neons, you can add all the fun and sparkle if you have dark long tresses.

Shaved or short haired people can experiment with sunglasses which have a detailed arm. Less is sometimes more, enhance your sharp features but try not to go over the top else all the attention will be lost. You can don the cat eyed frames or any other flamboyant style to show that it’s all about you.

They’re So in Fashion

As the world moves, fashion just gets bolder and better. New trends evolve combined with other necessary features of comfort and durability. If you want to keep it simple or show some high end luxury, sunglasses are the best accessory. It brings forth the best blend of everything you need today to make the best style statement. Whether it is the frame material or the lenses, everything is carefully chosen and made with utmost care and intricate detailing. With a whole new range of styles in sunglasses, anyone can be a diva, a new fashionista. You can be smart and sleek, tough and rugged, bold and sharp. Desire any look and you can have it all with sunglasses.

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