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Eyeglasses frames – Choose with care

As they say ‘the devil lies in the details’, it’s best to go into details when buying a pair of specs for oneself, as eyeglasses are one accessory which can make or break your look.

What we notice and remember about a person is his/her face and eyeglasses are an integral part of a person’s face and the whole persona. Whether you are an intellectual, fun-loving or an adventure-junkie, your glasses can help you project the image you wish to.

Matters of life and style

It all comes down to choosing the right kind of eyeglasses which not only suit your face shape, but your personality and lifestyle too, thus giving you the image you desire. Fashion must play a huge role, but following a fad without a thought will end up doing the opposite of what one needs.  So, consider a few basic factors to find the most suitable eyeglasses which look and feel great.

Face shape

The fundamentals remain unchanged, as the shape of the eyeglasses ‘should’ complement the shape of the face. Bold exaggerated frames are in fashion, but it’s not necessary that they will suit your face. Generally, it’s suggested that the shape of your eyeglasses should contrast with your face shape. For instance, angular eyeglasses for a round face and curvy ones for an angular face go well. The right shape will balance out the proportion of the face. Someone with dainty, small face can also wear a chunky style of specs, but a sophisticated version of the same.


If office and meetings take most of your time, invest in a pair of conservative, but stylish pair of eyeglasses, which enhance your professional image. Classic shapes with traditional colours with minimal detailing makes the perfect choice for serious business.

If looking fashionable is high on your list of priority, then chic larger-sized specs in unusual colours with trendy detailing will be just right for you. Try exaggerated version of retro style eyeglasses for an eye-catching look.

A student has the liberty to experiment with his/her look without any restrictions. If you are a student, experiment with a variety of shapes, sizes, bright colours and interesting details. Eyeglasses will let you express your style – retro-chic, geeky or intellectual.

Convenience does matter, but a single pair of glasses doesn’t fit all occasions and styles. To keep pace with a multi-dimensional life and personality, one needs more than one pair of specs.

Colour sense

When it comes to choosing the right colour of eyeglasses for oneself, it’s worth investing in a colour that complements your skin. It doesn’t have to match everything you wear, rather should complement the varied colours you wear. Buying only neutral colours is also not the best idea too.

Eyeglasses are no longer a mere convenience, they are now a stylish addition to one’s attire and help enhance one’s look and style. Never make shopping for eyeglasses a random decision. Invest time and effort to find the right pair of specs for you. Finally, it matters.

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