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The best time to go specsy

Studious, chashmish or four-eyes, the terms reserved for people wearing a pair of spectacles don’t hold any meaning now. Today, wearing a pair of spectacles has become the fashion statement. Specs have become the new ‘in’ thing. With even the most fashionable celebrities sporting specs, it is the best time to be a four-eyed!

Don’t miss out on the latest craze for wearing spectacles, as it not only adds to a stylish persona, but keeps one in pace with the latest technology too.

Way to go specy!

Vision problem or not, it’s the best time to invest in a pair of stylish spectacles to keep pace with the latest fashion. Try zero-power lenses, paired with a trendy frame which protect eyes from sunlight and keep one looking trendy.

Make a look

A pair of spectacles is one accessory which can make or break a look. One can project a look one desires with the right kind of eyeglasses. Enhance a formal look with a slick pair of rimless specs or go vintage-chic with a feline pair of cat-eye glasses.

Instant makeover

A pair of chic specs can give an instant makeover to any face. If one looks too young, a pair of formal specs can add maturity, while if boring specs are making you look old, try a pair of trendy specs which make you look your age. One can transform one’s look instantly with the right eyeglasses.

Celeb quotient

With even the most glamorous people sporting them, it’s the right time to get a pair of groovy spectacles. Anne Hathaway’s square specs have won hearts and so have Justin Timberlake’s varied looks with specs. Jennifer Aniston looks chic in her latest eyeglasses, and so does Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and many more.

Express yourself

Accessories look the best when people use them to express themselves. For example, love for classic styles can be best expressed by a pair of vintage style specs, while someone with a quirky, bohemian style can try a pair of John Lennon style round eyeglasses.

Protect your eyes

Digital screens have become omnipresent. Hence, protection of eyes from their harmful effects is as important as getting the perfect vision. Specialised lenses like Gunnar or even zero-power anti-glare lenses are a must-have for people who spend most of their time staring at digital screens.

Perfect vision

Last, but not the least, vision correction remains the main reason for wearing spectacles. Go for high quality prescription lenses which correct your vision.

Taste of technology

With glasses coming fortified with the latest technology, it is the best time to get oneself a pair of Bluetooth eyeglasses, or ones with camera, LED screen and a lot more.

Gone are the days when the only purpose eyeglasses solved was vision correction. With the change in technology, lifestyle and fashion, spectacles have become a must-have accessory for one and all. Get a modish pair of specs with suitable shape and style and be comfortable and stylish all along.

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