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Have a Vision in Style with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have been quite popular among the youngsters right from the day it was launched. Contact lenses are one of the most important accessories for all those people whose eyesight is weak. And to get perfect vision, people can go for contact lenses as they are appropriately good with the latest fashionable styles. These smart contact lenses help the wearers to be in style with perfect vision. The brand usually produces numerous trendy patterns so that people get an extensive choice to get the best one from range of products. Contact lenses play an important role in the day to day life of the people. One can get clear vision while wearing these without any kind of trouble as it gives a comfy wearing experience to the user. Contact lenses offers clarity of vision to the wearers. People can wear contact lenses to see the beauty of world perfectly. People in this present world get wide range of contact lenses. These have changed a lot in recent time and are now customized as per the demands and requirements of the people. People can get coloured contact lenses to have a clear vision as well as style. Even there are number of eyeglasses which have beautiful frame, temples, style, shapes, sizes and quality lenses but most of the people prefer to wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. The main features of present modern contact lenses are quite different from the earlier days. Now wearing contact lenses has become easier. One can get the range of contact lenses prescribed for different people from various stores that are located in the markets. Those people who are brand conscious can also get branded contact lenses through the outlets of the brand they want to go for. Branded contact lenses ensure the reliability about quality and durability. There are different types of contact lenses including Soft Contact Lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses, Extended Wear Contact Lenses, Disposable Contact Lenses and Decorative (Plano) Contact Lenses. All these features of today’s contact lenses are quite different from the old styles. So, people these days surely get the trendiest eyeglasses not only to correct vision problems but also to get stylish looks.

Popularity of Contact Lenses

The advantages of contact lenses as compared to the eyeglasses have resulted to its massive popularity among the people. The contrast between contact lenses and glass spectacles are seen in numerous places. There are few areas where these contact lenses are more beneficial and some areas where the eyeglasses are considered as more advantageous. Both of these are tremendously important for the proper protection of eyes. Millions of people, all over the world face visionary problems and each of them needs either these eyeglasses to guard their eyes or the contact lenses. The contact lenses are almost new in the medical sector compared to the eyeglasses; but the popularity of the contact lenses is much more than that of the eyeglasses. It has been observed that a number of people have discarded their eyeglasses and chosen the lenses. There are numerous factors for which the contact lenses are beneficial over the eye glasses and because of these advantages of the lenses; people are fascinated to the lenses. As per the changing fashion trends, popularities of contact lenses are highly growing day by day. And now it has become a fashion accessory as well as need for the people of all ages.

Types of Contact Lenses

types of lensesThere are a number of major brands which are indulged in manufacturing quality contact lenses which can be classified in many different manners. Contact lenses can be easily separated by their primary function, material, wear schedule that include how long a lens can be worn before removing it. There is also a replacement schedule in which it is mentioned that how long before a lens needs to be discarded.

Explain all the Types of Contact Lenses in Relation with Some Examples

Corrective contact lenses:

Corrective contact lenses are designed to improve vision by correcting any kind of refractive error. These kinds of contact lenses are designed by directly focusing the light so that it can enter the eye with an appropriate power for clear vision. These contact lenses have been widely used in orthokeratology, and are assisting thousands of eyes for having a clear vision.

Other types of Vision Correction:

For those people who have certain colour deficiencies then they can opt a red-tinted “X-Chrom” contact lens which would be a perfect choice for them. Although these kinds of lenses does not restore normal colour vision as these allow some colour-blind individuals to differentiate colours better. ChromaGen lenses have been used and have been shown to have some boundaries with vision at night although otherwise producing important enhancements in colour vision. An earlier study showed very important improvements in colour vision and patient satisfaction.

Soft Contact Lenses:

Soft contact lenses are made of soft, flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea of the wearer. These lenses may be easier to fit to and are more comfy than rigid gas permeable lenses. Newer soft lens materials include silicone-hydrogels to provide more oxygen to your eye while you wear these soft contact lenses.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses:

People who love fashion and its changing trends love to wear fashionable cosmetic lenses. A cosmetic type of contact lenses are enlarged section of the image that shows the grain formed during the manufacturing process. Twisting of the lines of printed dots recommends which these lenses were manufactured by printing onto a flat sheet then shaping it. A cosmetic contact lens is designed to change the appearance of the eye. These lenses may also correct refractive error. Although number of brands of contact lenses are lightly tinted to make them easy to handle, cosmetic lenses generally worn to change the colour of the eye which are far less common and accounting for only 3% of contact lens. Cosmetic lenses can be used to drastically modify the appearance of the eye as seen in the entertainment domain. These kinds of lenses are usually custom made for an accurate production as a result that have very limited accessibility to the general public. As with any cosmetic lens, if the design alters the lucidity of the centre of the lens, the lens may obstruct with vision. A new trend in numerous countries such as Japan, South Korea and China is the circle contact lenses that can be extended the appearance of the iris onto the sclera. Consequently the result is the appearance of a better-quality, wider iris. Cosmetic lenses can have more direct therapeutic applications. For example, there are some lenses that can be restored the appearance to some extent the function of a scratched or missing iris.

Therapeutic Contact Lenses:

Soft lenses are regularly used in the treatment and management of non-refractive disorders related to the eye. A bandage contact lens safeguards an injured or diseased cornea from the consistent resistance of blinking eyelids thus allows it to cure. Therapeutic contact lenses are used in the treatment of various conditions that include bullous keratopathy, dry eyes, corneal abrasions and erosion, keratitis, corneal edema, descemetocele, corneal ectasis, Mooren’s ulcer, anterior corneal dystrophy and neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis. Contact lenses usually deliver drugs to the eye that have also been developed.

Brands of contact lenses available at Lenskart

There are number of brands that are offering their contact lenses on the leading online shopping portal Lenskart. Most of the brands are reputed name in the market and have earned a good name in manufacturing superior quality products. People who want to buy these high-quality contact lenses of the leading brands such as Best Sellers, Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision, Aryan, Acme Yearly Toric, Celebrations, Silk Lens, FreshKon, Biomedics, Glamour Eye and many others only need to log on to the website and to place an order. Among various brands, there are some famous brands which are known for fulfilling all the demands of people by manufacturing supreme class contact lenses as per their requirements. All these renowned brands are available at Lenskart that allows you to buy their contact lenses at reasonable price. Here you can also get huge discounts on each purchase which will save your time and money as well. Each of the brands manufactures its optimum quality products to benefit the customers and to provide them with a better vision.

Why Lenskart is the Best Online Portal to Buy all Contact Lenses?

Lenskart is famous online shopping portal and one can consider it as an online optician that let you purchase eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and power sunglasses. You can easily buy any of these products at just few clicks of mouse. Shopping at Lenskart is much more convenient than exploring your usual optician store as this online portal give you a lot of assortment and lets you shop from the convenience of your home. To buy contact lenses tagged by various brands are offered at affordable prices. One of the most convenient reasons that make customers love shopping at LensKart is the amazing discounts that are offered to them. Your shopping becomes easier and more lucrative while doing online shopping. In addition to these, the website also offer you various services that include free cancellation, 14 days return policy if you are not pleased with your purchase, cash on delivery payment option and free shipping service. These services are meant to provide potential customers with the supreme hassle-free shopping experience. The customers will definitely enjoy shopping at Lenskart and will be able to save a lot of hard earned money on every single purchase.

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