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Polarized Sunglasses: Protection with Fashion

Polarized Sunglasses

polarized sunglasses Polarized sunglasses have become popular among youth especially for those who take part in outdoor sport activities such as biking, golfing, jogging, car-driving and a lot more. These sunglasses are also widely acceptable among fishermen while boating as this help them to reduce the shining sunlight or glare reflected by water. These sunglasses can also be used during the snowy weather as to get some clarity of vision. Eye specialists advise to wear polarized sunglasses to those persons whose eyes are more responsive towards light.

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarization is a scientific phenomenon caused in a light wave vibrating in multiple directions. When the same light wave is restricted to vibrate in just one direction or plane with the help of Polaroid filter then it is said to have been polarized light. Generally, it is considered that light waves vibrate in two planes vertical and horizontal and when it passes through any Polaroid filter; it converts it into plane polarized light. The similar phenomenon happens with polarized sunglasses and their glasses just behave like a Polaroid filter. They just block the horizontal waves of light and eradicate the glare or shining of the light. These sunglasses allow the vertical waves of light only to enter into your eyes making your vision clear. Whenever you think of buying polarized sunglasses you must have certain questions in your mind that which kind of lenses does they have, what should be the exact color of the glasses and others. You should also question about the material of the glasses, the parameters that determines the quality of the glasses and the protection percentage of the glasses from the harmful UV radiation. Having answer to these questions is must before purchasing polarized sunglasses as you are going to buy something for your eyes that are considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Introduction to Polarized Sunglasses

What does the polarized sunglasses does? Just imagine for a while that you are standing on the shoreline of a quiet lake and there is a sunny weather. If you look at the surface of water then what you can see is an intense bright, glass like reflecting surface with a little bit color contrast and poor color diffusion. Now in this situation consider that if you are wearing polarized sunglasses then you will be able to see that intense bright, glass like reflecting surface of the water as a surface with deep and fine colors with good contrast. You must be wandering that how is it possible? How polarized glasses are able to change the bright unclear view of the water surface into a surface with fine color contrasts with clear views? It is because polarized sunglasses are made of a special kind of polarizing layer that is coated on the front or outer surface of the lenses. This layer filters or polarizes the light rays falling on the lenses and restricts the horizontal waves of light and only allows the vertical waves of lights to enter through the outer surface of the lenses and as a result it improves your vision in tough light conditions. In general, polarizing sunglasses also protect your eyes to be safe from ultraviolet rays, intense light and glare produced by the sun. As the polarized sunglasses have reflection-free finishing they are considered to be ideal for fishing and water sport activities.
Whenever the light coming from a light source falls on a flat surface such as road or water then generally it is polarized horizontally. Do you understand what does it mean? It means that, the light that is coming from the source after striking the flat surface of water or road instead of scattering in various directions generally it travels back in horizontal direction. This phenomenon generates and irritating and sometimes a heavy intensity of light that is known and experienced as glare or haze. Different polarized lenses have different degrees of excellence of polarization. These lenses are coated with a series of certain bands that help them to eliminate the horizontal waves of light and allow the vertical waves to enter into. If you practically need an example similar to this in real life, you can consider the shades of your window. When a light wave passes through the painted or coated glass of the window then screen of your window blocks certain horizontal waves of light and make them reflect and only allows vertical waves of light to pass into. Now consider the case if the glass of your window is shaded too much then it may not be able to filter the sunlight and if it is shaded lightly then it will allow a large amount of light to pass through it and thus make you able to see though it easily. Similar case is with lenses. If the series of bands or strips coated onto the lenses are designed and explored well then they will produce the better results while filtering the glare or shiny sunlight. If the filtering amount of the lens is high then it has high degree of polarization and if the filtering amount of the lens is low then has low degree of polarization.
Often it is seen that quality suffers due to the price issues. Sunglasses are generally imported to India from other countries so it depends a lot over the importers that they have to take care of the quality of polarization of the lenses. Generally it is seen that importers don’t consider this issue as they basically focus themselves towards their business profit and don’t think about the costumers and users. So it is your duty to be aware of such issues and be alert with the cheaper sunglasses that lack in quality of polarization. So while purchasing you must notice few things that lenses are coated enough or not.

Why are and why Should these Polarized Sunglasses be Used?

polarized sunglassesThese sunglasses polarize the shiny light or glare produced from the light source such sun. Polarization word is somewhat technical if it is considered it in simple words then you can say it as ‘filter’. Polarized sunglasses filter the horizontal light waves due to their special quality of eliminating light waves and make the formed image to be darker and thus it reduces the glare or shiny light waves coming from the source of the light. The structure and quality of the glasses are totally in accordance with the requirements of the activities and occasions on which they are supposed to be worn. If polarized sunglasses are used during outdoor activities then they must be durable and long lasting and the lenses should be shock resistant, straps of sunglasses should be wider enough to protect your eyes from stray lights and the nose pads should be well-cushioned so that provide you a comfy wearing experience. They should be modified enough to use them in unstable water during water sports activities such as surfing, kite boarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, jet skiing, body boarding, and water skiing etc. They have an escape to eliminate the mist or fog during snowy conditions and allow the wearer to see clearly. Since, snow and ice replicate an extra glare so it is quite necessary to wear polarized sunglasses while travelling through the glaciers. They should be used while climbing over the mountains because ultraviolet radiation at higher elevation is more intense in comparison to lower elevations. These features justify that why the polarized sunglasses should be used.

How can you easily get your polarized sunglasses made at

If you are looking to buy polarized sunglasses then there are various options to get a right one for you as the market is full of large collections of such sunglasses launched by several well known brands. These brands offer a wide variety of sunglasses to their customers at affordable rates. These varieties are extended from classical to modern and fashionable looks totally in accordance with the changing trends and technologies. Apart from this, you can also get your polarized sunglasses online with the help of Lenskart from the very comfort of your home without roaming in the market from one store to another. Getting your sunglasses online from this particular website is the easiest and the safest option to purchase a correct eyepiece for you. This website also helps you being in touch with the nerves of changing trends of fashion and technology. You can easily read reviews on the latest products launched by almost every elite brand of the world at Lenskart. This site also offers lots of deals and discounts on their products for their customers according to conveyance. They offer EMI options on most of the products for those customers who are not able to pay the whole money at one time payment. Such customers can pay the amount in small equated monthly installments. At this site, there are two payment options, the one is cash on delivery and the other one is online payment that includes payment through credit card and debit card. The delivery services of this site are up to the mark.


Polarized sunglasses are quite important for our eyes as these protect our eyes from the intense sunlight or glare. Though normal sunglasses do help to protect the eyes from unwanted ultraviolet rays but polarized sunglasses do protect eyes in some special way as it filters the horizontal component of the light waves and let the vertical component to pass from the lenses and enter into our eyes. Due to special kind of coating on the lenses, these sunglasses act as Polaroid filter. Due to their special king of features and properties, they are being used from so many years by the sportspersons for any of the outdoor sports activities and water sport activities. They are also used by fishermen due to their special polarizing capability. Since the quality of the polarized sunglasses depends a lot on the degree of polarization of the lenses, so while purchasing polarized sunglasses, it is advisable to take care about the quality of the lenses.

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