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How can you spot a fake Aviator

What makes Ray-Ban sunglasses the darling of masses? Is it due to the outstanding quality of the lenses and frames? Or is it due to the marketing tactics of this iconic brand? Whatever be the reason, Ray-Ban, as a brand, has become synonymous with sunglasses.

The iconic Aviators have always been one of the bestselling styles of Ray-Ban. Right from the time the first pair of Aviator sunglasses was introduced to protect the U.S. pilots from the glare of the sun to the most modern Aviatorswith the highest quality of lenses, this style of sunglasses have always been embraced in a big way by the celebs as well as by the man on the street.

The greed of man is never ending. Just because of the fact that Ray-Ban Aviators sell in large numbers, people have sensed an opportunity and have flooded the market with fake Ray-Ban Aviators. Those customers who are unaware of the difference between the original and fake Ray-Bans are more prone to end up buying a pair of fake Ray-Ban shades.

Do you think that it is tough to differentiate between an original and a fake Ray-Ban? Do you feel that you are helpless when it comes to buying a pair of evergreen Aviators of Ray-Ban? If so, you are far from truth. If you follow a few basic guidelines, you can ensure that you get only the original pair of Ray-Ban Aviators.

Buy online

This is one thing which you can do to ensure that you get only the original products. Being a hot selling product, all of the eyewear e-com portals sell Ray-Ban Aviators. If you buy online from a reputed eyewear portal, you can be 100% sure that you are laying your hands on genuine Ray-Ban products.

What more! Most of the online eyewear portals even give you good discounts on purchases. So, you end up saving money too.

Ask for certification

In case, you are buying a Ray-Ban Aviator from a brick and mortar shop, ask the retailer to show you the certification from Ray-Ban or Luxottica authorizing them to sell their products. If he hesitates to show you that, don’t feel restrained to walk out of the store.

Check the nose pad

The original Ray-Bans have the RB logo on the nose pads. The Ray-Ban veterans say that this aspect is most often missed out in the fake versions.

Look at the box

The box in which the Ray-Ban Aviators are packed have details like model name, bar code, description of lenses used in the sunglasses and much more. Do these match with the sunglasses which you have? Cross check the facts with the warranty card and the invoice given to you by the retailer.

Put in a case

All the original Ray-Ban products come in a good quality case with the logo of Ray-Ban on it. Does your Ray-Ban case have that?

The temple

The left temples of original Ray-Ban sunglasses have the model number imprinted on them. This is one of the easier ways to spot the difference between a fake and an original Ray-Ban Aviator.

Look at the screws

The hinges in the brand new Ray-Ban Aviators have Philips screw heads. Before you grab a pair of Aviators, check whether the hinges of the frame are attached with these screws.

Now since you know what all are the features of original Ray-Ban Aviators, don’t be tricked into buying a fake one.

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