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What should you look for in kids’ sunglasses

Children may not be as interested as adults in the fashion aspect of sunglasses. Also, parents might not be inclined to buy sunglasses for kids. However, the fact is that sunglasses are the much needed accessory for kids, given the fact that they spend their maximum time playing outdoors in the sun.

According to experts, upto half of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation can occur by 18 years of age.  Also, children are more susceptible to retinal damage from UV rays as the lens inside a child’s eye is clearer than an adult lens, enabling more UV rays to penetrate deep into the eye. Hence, it is important for them to wear protective sunwear on their eyes right from an early age.

In addition to lenses that provide 100 percent UV protection, there are other few doctor recommended features that must be part of the children’s sunglasses. Here are few of them.

Impact resistant lenses

Kids play, jump, fall and shouts without even thinking twice. In the process of jumps n’ shouts, their sunglasses may undergo some damage or impact. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for an impact-resistant lens for superior protection of eyes.

The best lenses for kid’s sunglasses are made of polycarbonate, that are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses. Ideal for protection during kids’ playing sessions, these lenses take a leading edge over glass or standard plastic lenses because of its light-built, hence making it comfortable for children to wear them.

Fit close

Just like their wardrobe, the frame of the kid’s eyeglasses should suit them well. The best design for kids is a large, yet close-fitting frame, because it gives the best protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and keeps dust and other minute particles from getting into their eyes.

 Be unbreakable

Many a times, children face potential eye or facial injury from a frame that snaps upon impact. In such cases, broken lens may enter the eyes which results in serious injuries.

So, in order to avoid breakage, it is recommended to opt for flexible frames made of unbreakable plastic material.

Be flexible

Hinges are the movable joints attached in the angle of the temple frame which makes it flexible. Contrary to traditional hinges, the spring hinges can extend beyond 90 degrees and have a spring action to keep the frame fit.

Its flexibility ensures decrease in the risk of sunglasses falling off or getting damaged during sporting sessions, hence making them the perfect choice for kids.

Now since you know what all are required in a pair of kid’s sunglasses, go ahead and get the best for your little ones.

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