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How to choose the frame color of your eyeglasses?

Has the doctor advised you vision correction?

Welcome to the club of eyeglasses wearers! Now, you can wear a pair of eyeglasses, which will not only correct your vision, but also add to your oomph.

Everyone agrees that the shape of the eyeglasses frame plays a decisive role in how you look. But most of us miss out on the most important aspect of an eyeglasses frame – its colour. The colour of the frame can make or mar your look. The eyeglasses frame colour should match with the colour of your hair, skin and eyes.

Here are a few pointers to help you select the right colour of eyeglasses frame.

The Tone


An important thing that one needs to ponder while selecting the frame colour is the skin tone. If your skin tone is light with warm or cool undertones, go for the brown or blue frames. Mahogany and Cherry suits the medium skin tone very well. If the skin tone is deep, you must be choosing colours like red and black for your eyeglasses frames.


The hair connection


Your hair color can have a great impact on the colour of spectacles which will suit you. So, be careful while choosing the same. Here is a quick list to the different hair colours and the appropriate frame colours.

If the colour of your hair is black, go for black and blue frames.


If you have brown hair, look for black, pink and blue eyeglasses frame.


For those with gray or white hair, red and black frames will be a good pick. Avoid yellow frames at all costs.


Eye color


Your task of selecting the appropriate color of spectacles doesn’t end by matching it with the skin tone and the hair color. The color of your spectacles must also complement your eye color.


If you have brown eyes, go for black and other dark coloured frames. Blue eyes pair perfectly with blue and grey tones. For those with hazel eyes, select bright coloured frames.

So now that you are well aware of the colors that match you, go ahead and select an appropriate pair of eyeglasses.

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