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How can you match the shade to your moods?

For women, every new phase is a reason to shop. So, since summers are here and the sun is shining bright, what can be better than pampering ourselves with a new pair of sunglasses?

For the fashion conscious woman, a pair of sunglasses is more about fashion and style, rather than a necessity. Gone are the days when sunglasses lenses were available only in a single hue. Nowadays, these are available in variety of coloured lenses.  Women can now look smarter, and at the same time manage to put a suitable filter on their surroundings with a coloured lens in their sunnies.

Every hue has a story to tell

A pair of sunglasses is no longer about the protection of eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Now, women wear different colour of sunglasses to match their attire and moods.

All the major brands from Ray-Ban to Vincent Chase and even Fastrack have brought out a wide collection of coloured sunglasses for this summer.

Shades like yellow, orange, red, amber, green and blue have been quite often spotted on the roads. Yellow being the colour of the sunshine is perfect for the happy sunny days while orange, the colour of joy, is ideal for the days you want to have fun. The colour red is associated with strength. So wear a pair of red sunglasses on your sporting days.

The vision through the tints

Every different tint has a different effect on the vision. The amount of light reaching the eyes, clarity of colors and contrast are all influenced by the tint. Sunglasses with a yellow or an orange tint are a great pair for a not so sunny day.  A pair of red or pink tinted sunglasses will not only make the world seem brighter, but also give a rosy touch to your complexion. A green tint is good for preserving the color balance around.

Try an amber tint to brighten your vision on a cloudy day. Gray, being the most natural and popular color, allows the eyes to see the colors in their purest form. So, you can view the world as per your choice with a tinted pair of sunglasses.

These tinted sunglasses give an instant makeover for women, irrespective of the face shape or complexion. From modern frames to the classic ones, this season is all about the hued lenses. Every woman can now make a statement with these tinted pair of sunglasses in their favorite color.  So this summer, let the tint of your sunglasses do the talking.

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