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When in Goa, do as it pleases you!

The sun is up in the sky, bathing everything and everyone in its light and warmth. Waves are lashing over onto the coastline. The shiny sand sneaks its way into your clothes, hair, and of-course, your feet.

Yes, you guessed it right. That’s the description of a typical Goan beach. Beautiful as it may be, it can get difficult to revel in the scenic beauty under the blazing summer sun. Hence, a pair of sunglasses has become an indispensable part of the tourists in Goa.

But why do anything without a generous dose of style thrown in? Whether you head to the crowded Calangute beach or the Arambol beach thronged by foreigners, the variety of shades doesn’t seem to have an end.

In Goa, we could see certain styles of shades more popular than others. Let’s take a look at some styles that are ruling the roost in Goa.

Aviator still rule the beaches

Aviator sunglasses are as common in Goa as its coconut trees. Wherever you look, you’d spot men sporting this evergreen classic. Even though the iconic Aviators have evolved to appeal to women as well, the Aviator trend seems to be men-centric here. Among Aviators, the black Aviators with a golden rim are the most common on the Goan beaches.

Wayfarers are trending

Wayfarer sunglasses are a favorite among both men and women in this small state of Goa. Coupled with casual beachwear, these sunglasses look bold and suave.

The love for the bug-eyed

Women in Goa seem to be professing their undying love for this retro classic – the bug-eyed sunglasses. Popular in brown tinted lenses with designer temples, these sunglasses match the beachwear elegantly. They look effeminate as well as classy.

Size does matter

We already mentioned oversized sunglasses, didn’t we? But there is more to it. Oversized sunglasses seem to have become popular with men as well. Before you scoff at the image of men wearing oversized sunglasses with a sarong to match, you must know that the oversized sunglasses being talked about here are actually more Aviator-like in style. Larger and less angular than a typical pair of Aviators, these sunglasses look intriguing when worn by men. Seen in all kinds of hues, here’s a trend that is probably yet to be reported from Goa!

Be sportive

Seen mostly with brown-coloured lenses, sports sunglasses and Aviator sunglasses are having serious duels in Goa. Both are almost equally popular among men. Sports sunglasses look rugged and complement the casual beach attire with their sporty look. Also seen with red-tinted lenses, these sports sunglasses offer complete protection from the sun. No wonder, all the men are going gaga over them.

Paint the beach red

Per se, not a style of shades, but red lenses seems to be kicking up quite a storm in the red-coloured sands of Goa (not to forget the white, black and regular coloured sand as well).
May it be sports sunglasses or the timeless classic Aviators, you can see red tinted glasses all over Goa. Seeing how they help adjust contrast, it’s a smart choice for the bright and sunny days of Goa.

Goa is a land of extremities, if you ask me. On one hand, you have people who offer a level of hospitality unprecedented by anyone the world over. On the other, there are people who are focused on going about their business and can be quite stern in their demeanor.

But throughout these contradictions, some things stay constant. Like laughter, joy and revelry. And sometimes, certain fashion trends too.

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