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The importance of sunglasses lenses through the eyes of Mauji Jim

You can experience a whole new world in front of you by just slipping on a pair of sunglasses.

But do you have the right pair of sunglasses? Do they protect you from the harmful rays of the sun? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself?

The protection to your eyes depends on the quality of the lenses. High-quality lenses will not only make your vision clearer, but will also filter out UV rays. On the contrary, sunglasses with inferior quality lenses harm your vision in the long run.

Skin Cancer Foundation, U.S. has recently awarded the seal of recommendation to a few sunglasses manufacturers. This seal is a symbol that your sunglasses meets the stringent criteria set by the foundation regarding the protection from UV rays. To earn this seal of recommendation, the sunglasses should be capable of filtering out minimum 99 per cent of the ultraviolet rays.

Maui Jim, a premium sunglasses manufacturing company, is one of the few to receive this seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. The foundation of Maui Jim was laid in the early 1980s as a small sunglasses manufacturing company in the Hawaiian island of Maui. Today, the company has grown to become the leader in the polarized sunglasses segment. What started has a company selling seven types of sunglasses, Mauji Jim now sells more than 100 styles of shades.

Do the shades protect you?

The primary purpose of a pair of sunglasses is to provide adequate protection to your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The shades should be able to prevent eyes from being damaged by a long term exposure to the UV light. In comparison to most of the sunglasses, Maui Jim sunglasses blocks 100% UV rays. They also ensure maximum clarity and good color quality for the wearer. The Mauji Jim lenses are also known for the use of three rare earth elements, which help in stabilizing the natural hues.

A long association with you

The Mauji Jim sunglasses are highly durable. What more! These are easy to maintain too. The biggest plus of these lenses are that they enhance the visibility of the wearer.

The Mauji Jim lenses are made up of many layers. These layers make the lenses scratch and water resistant and minimize eye fatigue.

The tangibles

The Mauji Jim lenses are made up of a blend of materials, which are combined depending on their different qualities and functions. The polycarbonate used in these lenses makes them light in weight and durable.

The tints

The brand also offers lenses in various colors. These colors enhance the natural light and manage the tones and contrast in the environment. Its rose tint lens offers the highest contrast level and is the best for an unclear foggy weather. The grey one is perfect for a bright sunny day and a bronze colored lens is ideal for low light situations.

A bad protection is basically equilivilent to no protection at all. So when you are out shopping for a pair of sunglasses next time, pay attention to the quality of lenses. Finally, they matter.

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