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It’s time to pamper your Ray Ban

Over the years, sunglasses have ceased to exist as a mere protective gear. Celebrities across the globe are seen sticking to sunglasses, even as they ditch designer labels or peels of makeup. No matter what time of the day or night it is, a smart pair of glares is capable of making or breaking a personality.

Just like an expensive piece of jewellery, sunglasses too require regular maintenance and special care for them to last long.

Ray-Ban is perhaps the only brand that has won millions of hearts the world over since its launch. A wardrobe is incomplete without a sexy and trendy pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Here are a few tips that can help you care better for Ray-Ban sunglasses all through the year:

No huffing and puffing: This is the most common method to clean the lenses. Simply huff your breath on the lenses and then puff away with the cleaning cloth. However, nothing can be more damaging than this ‘smelly’ treatment, especially for the lenses having anti-glare coating. Instead, softly rub the lenses with the cleaning cloth in a side-to-side motion without putting much pressure.

Invest in good quality cloth: The cloth supplied by Ray-Ban has been developed especially to clean the lenses. Using just any other piece of soft cloth might leave scratches on lenses. Even though some fabrics could be soft, they can still damage the lenses. Some cloth pieces might even have traces of synthetic fibre that damage the lenses. Therefore, it is wise to use cleaning cloth provided by Ray-Ban to clean the lenses. In case, a new piece of cloth is required, it is better to get hold of a microfiber cloth. It is also important to regularly clean the cloth.

Spa Session: If gently rubbing the lenses with cleaning cloth does not remove the dust and grim settled on your Ray-Ban sunglasses, opt for the traditional way of placing them under clean running water. In case of greasy stains on lenses, remove them with help of a mild detergent and submerge them in a glass of water for some time. Wipe off the water with a piece of cloth and let the sunglasses rest on a shelf to dry off properly. One can also invest in a good lens cleaning solution to clean the lenses.

Love thy frame: Frame is the foundation of any sunglasses. If the foundation goes weak, the shades are doomed. Even though Ray-Ban uses high quality material for its frame, its care and maintenance depends on the owner. The frames are less sensitive as compared to the lenses, and are therefore easy to clean. Whether metal or acetate, avoid exposing your sunglasses to excessive heat or saltwater, since both are equally damaging. It is always better to wipe off and dry the frames before stowing them away in boxes. No matter how tempting it is, never bend the frame or attempt to alter its shape.


Tighten them up: The only weak point of any frame is the contact screws or the tiny screws on the edges of frames. These screws can become loose gradually. If ignored, chances are that they may fall out causing the sunglasses lenses to fall apart. To avoid this, regularly check the screws in the arms and tighten them when required.

Box them right:  Just like its sunglasses, Ray-Ban has never compromised on the quality of the case accompanying the shades. At any cost, avoid the mistake of leaving Ray-Ban sunglasses on the dashboard of a car under the sun, as it may cause severe damage to the lenses and frames. Always store the sunglasses in protective cases when not in use. It will keep them safe against dust and heat.

Always remember that by taking good care of your Ray-Ban sunglasses, you are helping them and yourself to look and perform great. Like any other equipment, sunglasses too require good care and regular clean-up and maintenance to last long and stay in premium condition.

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