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Which eyeglasses should you go for?

The trendiest pick for this summer is a pair of colored eyeglasses frames. Red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple – there is a pair of eyeglasses available in every color. So this summer, get rid of the boring black spectacles and adorn a new funky one.

However, finding the right pair of spectacles is quite a task. Some might suit the shape of your face, but might not go well with the color of the eye. Here are some tips that could help you pick the right pair of eyeglasses.

Which shape are you in?

To find out your face shape, you need to firstly stand in front of a mirror. Next, you need to tie-up your hair. Now with the help of a marker, you need to make an outline of your face on the mirror. This will help you in determining the exact shape of your face.

Your face matters

You are lucky if you have an oval or a round face. Mostly, all the eyeglasses shapes suit this type of face. But you should take care to avoid round ones. Rectangle shaped eyeglasses frames are the best bet for these people.

If you have a square face, you should avoid a square or a rectangular pair of spectacles. You should go for the one with softer curves. Spectacles with softer curves will help in drawing away the emphasis from the jaw line. The ones with a heart shaped face should simply stay away from full-rim spectacles. The best choice for them is a rimless pair with a coloured temple.

What is your eye tone?

To know your eye color, you need to wear a white top and stand in the natural light. Next, you need to ask a friend to note the color of your eye. Then, try to match the color with the various shades on the color chart. This will help you in determining the color of your eye.

For the ones with blue eyes, a pair of purple color spectacles is the best bet. The one with brown color eyes should choose from colors like pink and lavender. The lucky ones with green and grey eyes can choose from a variety of colors. For them, picking a pair of colored spectacles should not be much of a problem. 

Apart from the color and shape, you need to invest in a pair that fits you well. A lot of brands like Vincent Chase, Ray-Ban and John Jacobs have eyeglasses frames in vibrant colors. These eyeglasses frames are available in single colors as well as a combination of various colors. They even have rimless pairs with bright colored temples.  So this summer, wear a pair of colourful eyeglasses frames and display the youth in you.

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