Mirror, mirror on your eyes

They are chic, dramatic and jazzy. Flamboyant and oozing sex appeal; mirrored sunglasses are the ultimate style icons. Our favourite mirrored sunglasses or “sunnies” as well like to call these are a fad every season. A part of every celebrities’ as well fashion icons’ accessory wardrobe, they are the new ‘in’ thing. And no one […]

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Ray-Ban eyecons for women

Eyeglasses, eyeglasses everywhere, just don’t know which ones to wear?  This is a common problem among the fashionable women  who want to be in the midst of latest fashion trends. A sassy pair of eyewear carried by an equally stylish woman is like a heady cocktail – oozing sensuality, panache and charisma all at the […]

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Wrap around sassy eyewear this winter

Come winter and all we want to do is snuggle in our warm blanket with a cup of coffee and a good book. Even the thought of stepping out of the house in the freezing cold sends a shiver down the spine. But inadvertently, winter is the best season for holidaying in the snow capped […]

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Flash Your Style With Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Whether it’s Patti Smith the America Punk Rock singer claiming that “My sunglasses are like my guitar”, or the Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio gushing – “I love sunglasses, I have all shapes and colours”, our love for sunglasses is irrevocable. We love to wear them day and night. And when it comes to sunglasses, our […]

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It’s a war between contacts & specs

It’s only been a couple of years that contact lenses entered the eyewear industry and took it by storm. Though eyeglasses and sunglasses had a stronghold over the market for eyewear, contact lenses captured the imagination of the people who were suffering from vision problems and were tired of sporting eyeglasses for vision correction. It […]

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Match persona with your glasses

When we  go for eyewear shopping, the most important attributes that we consider while choosing the perfect frame are our fashion sensibilities and the shape of the face. Our eyeglasses reflect our personality and are the markers of our stylish self. The eyewear we choose to carry creates an image of what we believe in […]

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Enjoy peripheral vision with Bausch & Lomb

Bausch and Lomb, the world’s largest eye health care provider holds a strong footing in the eyewear industry since its inception. Founded in 1853 by  John Jacob ‘Bausch’ and a financer Henry ‘Lomb’, the American company took the eyewear industry by a storm Inspiring the youngsters to give up on old-fashioned eyeglasses used for vision […]

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The Acuvue Perspective

Acuvue contact lenses have taken the world by a storm. These contact lenses are a world apart from the normal lenses that we find in market. Acuvue lenses are comfortable and convenient to wear.  Technically, contact lenses are a substitute for the old age glasses. These are little pieces of plastic which provide us with […]

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Make way for the winters

John Jacobs’s latest eyewear collection is a craze this season. From vintage Aviators to modern combinations, John Jacobs has taken the eyewear industry by a storm. Sunglasses for winter wear and eyeglasses with fall colours signify the Fall Winter collection of this brand for this season. Winter apparels like scarves, jackets and sweaters have flooded […]

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Colourful eye candies for your eyes

Just like sporting stylish outfits and footwear has become a part of our lifestyle, wearing sunglasses and eyeglasses has also become a necessity. Eyewear is no longer used for the purpose of correcting the vision or for protecting the eyes only. They have become a part of our style. When selecting a pair of chic […]

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