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This is how you avert eye troubles

Here are some scary facts:

  • 40% of the world’s blind population is in India
  • 1 out of 3 people in India need vision correction
  • 75% of them do not wear specs
  • 80% blind cases being avoidable, this is a huge number.

Overall not wearing the right kind of eye protection is one of the major causes of all eye-related problems.

Eye protection mainly comes in two forms, namely, spectacles and sunglasses. While sunglasses are important for outdoor activities, spectacles are important when indoors. Where the sunglasses help us avoid any damage to the eyes from the injurious components and harmful UV rays, spectacles are crucial for correcting visual impairment and also to prevent strain to the eyes.

Take care of your eyes

What’s really sad is that many don’t even understand the need of proper safety eyewear, and overlook the detection and the treatment of their worsening eye conditions.

Even though the adults are more prone to unhealthy vision than the youngsters, everyone irrespective of their age should go for regular eye check-ups and in case of indications like eye dryness and excessive tearing, one should consult a doctor on an urgent basis.

What troubles your eyes

Some of the other most commonly experienced symptoms of eye troubles are visual changes, pain, witnessing spots and flashes of light. These mostly happen when the one with a visual impairment avoids wearing spectacles or when there is a further loss in the vision. In any case, one should visit their doctor, and avoid the problem to strengthen further.

Averse to the common belief that spectacles are only for the ones with a low vision, now spectacles with non-powered lenses are used to sooth eyes against the exposure to the mobile and the laptop screen. So with the current lifestyle trend where the eyes are exposed to them round the clock, wearing a pair of spectacles has become almost inevitable.

Eventually, the basic criterion to prevent eye troubles is to be more active towards eye related issues and to follow some of the below mentioned eye protection steps on a regular basis:

  • One should never step out in the sun without a pair of sunglasses.
  • One should always wear appropriate eye protection in case of eye infections.
  • One should not go to places with harmful dust particles or injurious components without a proper eye protection.
  • One with a visual impairment should wear spectacles or lenses at all times.
  • One should always wear spectacles in case of working for strenuous hours in front of the computer screen.

On a final note, spectacles and sunglasses being the most important eye protection aids should be regarded as a crucial part of your daily eye care practice and should be used efficiently.

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